Ci - Cloud-Based Production Tool

As demand for production increases, Sony’s Ci manages to deliver an efficient (and surprisingly addictive) creative workspace we’ve all been waiting for.

Previously, Bryan and I attended the Abelcine event “Making Internet-Based Remote Production a Reality.” The presenter was Sony Pictures representative Michael Potts. He introduced Ci, Sony’s new cloud-based media application.

Led by Sony Media Cloud Services, Ci is a new and innovative solution for creatives. The application allows professionals to organize any media platform and share them with team members instantaneously, resulting in reduced production costs.

When signing up for Ci, you can choose between a Personal, Team, or Company account. For a startup like Looker Lab, the Team option would be the most suitable. After signing up, you are directed to a dashboard containing your workspaces. The Team or Company accounts allow you to create new workspaces where you can invite other team members and share media files.  

Ci also includes its own applications such as VideoReview, which lets you upload video files for your team to view. You or your team members can annotate or comment on specific frames for change or review in the chatroom. To point out certain parts of a frame, you can insert a circle, arrow, or any other editorial symbol the application provides. When you’re ready, you can send a media box to another team or client quickly and securely.  

Besides having a quick upload feature, Ci is fingertip accessible. Instead of going through the tedious process of mass e-mails and laggy Skype calls, you can immediately and efficiently send messages through Ci on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Along with its technical upgrades and new features Ci has an appealing modern look.

Ci has a lot of potential to keep refining itself. I would like to see more options in future versions for mock-editing audios and videos instead of just the tools for drawing circles and leaving side-notes. Ci is a gem that will give the Sony crew room to enhance certain tools and design new features without having to rush too much. I look forward to watching Ci evolve.