We know how to customize and deploy social media strategies to meet your business needs. Our digital + design team create content that brings your brand vision to life. We’ll help you execute your marketing plans with fresh
and creative campaigns. 


Our Team


creative producer | strategist

Bryan Gilbert Santiago is a creative producer and writer with extensive experience in multi-media projects. He has 8 years of experience with digital marketing and social media strategic planning. As a producer, Santiago has managed various projects from video, photography and design projects to launching digital media campaigns. His motivation in all mediums is the art of storytelling. 

Bryan has served as the artistic director of a non-profit arts organization and has produced several productions in both New York City and Los Angeles. 


social media manager

Adetutu Adekoya is a Brooklyn-based writer and photographer with a healthy obsession of all things social media. She uses her experience as a researcher, expat and content creator to curate on-brand visual storytelling. When not looking for Insta-worthy pictures, she can be found trying out the best chicken and waffles around New York City. 

Adetutu holds a Masters degree from Columbia University and in her former life was a public health researcher. 



experiential marketing

Jessica Harris is an Experience Designer who specializes in using aesthetic tactics and the performing arts to enhance and enrich experiences. In particular, she is an expert in how to communicate a brand message through aligning the design and the mission of an experience. Her work includes creating installation performances for conferences that communicate the conference theme, designing presentations that communicate conceptual information in an engaging way, and working with arts organizations to produce promotional videos and original experiences in local businesses to strengthen donor relationships. Her article, “Evaluating Experiential Marketing Campaigns,” describes her unique framework for evaluating the effectiveness of experiences to communicate a particular brand message.





copy editor

William Fogarty has twenty years of publication and editorial experience. He was a marketing project manager at Springer-Verlag publishing and The McGraw-Hill Companies and director of editorial at the College Board. He currently works as a freelance editor and a postdoctoral instructor in writing and literature at the University of Oregon, where he recently completed a PhD in English and a two-year appointment as assistant director of the composition program. He has published in numerous literary and academic journals and is now developing his dissertation on contemporary poetry into a book manuscript.


Our Creative Collaborators


designer | illustrator | animator

Matt Cecio is an illustrator and designer. He is a Rider University alumni who graduated with a BS in Business Admin, a double major in Advertising and Marketing with a minor in Multimedia and Web Design. 

Matt is proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effect and Acrobat. Matt specializes in character design, profile/portrait illustrations and renderings. Matt also has experience in packaging mockups, preparing and installation of vinyl and eating copious amounts of fast food.



artist | animator | filmmaker

Jardley Jean-Louis is an artist, animator and filmmaker from Queens, NYC. She is a 2015 Brooklyn College graduate with a B.A in Film Production. Before that, she had a very very brief stint (sneeze and you’ll miss it) at the School of Visual Arts, and SUNY Purchase. Prior to full-time freelancing in 2016, she was an assistant illustrator/animator at Crumpled LLC. When not creating, she’s binging on history docs, solo traveling, and talking to her mom.



filmmaker | editor | colorist

Jason Matthew Wood is a NYC-based video director and editor. For over fifteen years he has created a wide range of video content for global brands such as Hennessy, Allure, Bluefly, MTV, and Neiman Marcus. 
His personal approach, characterized by an emphasis on storytelling, is the hallmark of his work. 



cinematographer | audio producer

Matthias Roeckl started out his career as a music journalist and reporter for German Public Radio in 1997. After a good 7 years of picking up all the right skills, he made the leap - 4000+ miles to the Big Apple. In 2004, Matthias decided to broaden his range and branch out into video journalism. And where did he begin? The only sensible starting point - the Hip Hop scene. Matthias dove head first into the birthplace of Hip Hop on the streets of New York City while capturing the quick risers and interviewing the pioneers. Timbaland, Swiss Beatz, Kool Herc., Chuck D. are a few names of artists he had the chance to work alongside.