Juman Malouf
Author and Illustrator

Bryan Santiago has worked on several projects for my book launch including designing a website, creating animated videos, and developing a media presentation. He understands what the client wants but adds his own technical knowledge and design sensibility to take it to the next level. He is able to adapt to any kind of aesthetic as well as medium. I was always extremely delighted by how each project turned out. He is thoughtful, listens to the client, and always meets deadlines. I couldn’t recommend Bryan more highly.
— Juman Malouf, Author of The Trilogy of Two
I have been working with Looker Lab for about a year. Bryan was integral in helping me to jump start my organization. I am so thankful for his creative expertise and leadership. I was able to garner the interest of investors and non-profit leaders because of documents and logos we worked together to create. I began my non-profit organization less than a year ago and in that time, my organization has been able to grow and scale beyond my wildest expectations. This is because the Looker Lab team made sure that our image was professional, inviting, and streamlined. Thank you so much Bryan for your heartfelt dedication. I wouldn’t want to collaborate with anyone else.
— Hunter Johansson, CEO of Solar Responders

RIAD Represents
Artist Management Agency

Bryan is highly analytical in his approach to social media. He understands that there is not just a blanket means of practice that applies to all companies when it comes to social media and he really took the time to know and understand our business and the clients we are trying to reach. He has helped analyze each of our platforms and figure out ways to help grow our followers and engagement.

He is very flexible and can come in at any part of the process, understand, evaluate and give pertinent advice. Through his research and understanding of our needs and articulate custom tailored presentations to our team, we have already seen an impact on our social presence.
— Sherry Riad, Owner of Riad Represents
bfree_logo_trans copy.png
I wouldn’t have launched a key part of my business were it not for Bryan Santiago and his terrific team at LookerLab. Bryan is a consummate professional, creative powerhouse, keen strategist, and deeply experienced and knowledgeable marketer; his attention to detail, timeliness and efficiency resulted in a terrific working relationship that produces awesome results. To find all of this in a single place is no small feat.

Because our service offering is unique and combines multiple disciplines, our brand was very challenging to capture. Bryan not only listened and worked with us patiently to truly understand our vision, he brought our brand to life in such a powerful way and played a fundamental role in helping us to articulate and illuminate the best of what we do. Bryan has been a critical thought partner in shaping and evolving not just the brand, but the company itself. Though this is my second business, it’s only through my partnership with Bryan that I came to appreciate the relationship between the brand and core identity of a business. LookerLab’s contribution cannot be underscored enough. I appreciate anew how web design, social media, branding and marketing in general can be employed to not only shape but deeply improve the quality of our business.

Bryan’s creativity and ideas are powerfully generative and potentiate my own creativity. I love working with him. It makes me better at what I do. He listens deeply, processes quickly, and executes with passion and professionalism. The feedback we get on our website, digital and print collateral has been resoundingly positive from day 1. Our Social Media has boosted our visibility in ways that are sometimes surprising to me and under Bryan’s steady hand, our SM is laying the groundwork for our future growth. Bryan is a sincere pleasure to work with, is a trusted advisor and go-to not just on our marketing but also on our strategy. He cares. He creates. He delivers, above and beyond expectation every time. We’re ever grateful for his invaluable contribution and are in it for the long haul with Bryan and LookerLab.
— Nita Baum, founder of b*free
Los Angeles_ReelAbilities_Logos_2015-03.png
Launching a film festival in Hollywood can be challenging enough, especially when you are trying to build on a brand that has already existed and grown across North America for a decade. Thanks to Bryan Santiago and Looker Lab, not only did we achieve a successful launch, but we were able to better position our brand in the marketplace - especially with several key corporate entities within the entertainment industry. His calm, thoughtful approach was precise in its application, and he made sure to educate us, his clients, in the process; no better way to build trust and provide peace of mind. As a result of his expertise, we have already achieved in our first year what normally takes 3-5 years for a new film festival to achieve, giving us, as well as our sponsors and partners, something exciting to build upon moving forward.
— Shamey Cramer, festival director
Looker Lab was instrumental in the success of our Transnation Festival. Their team was organized, strategic and creative with our custom content, social ads and building our audiences on our social platforms. Their ideas are diverse and original which was crucial in promoting our events and selling tickets and we saw a whole new level of engagement - and still continue to. They operate with a high degree of professionalism and went above and beyond by adding resources outside the scope of their work. We’re so excited to have LookerLab on our team now - we won’t work with anyone else!
— Jen Berkowitz, producer
I started working with Bryan 18 months ago, and was immediately struck by his warmth, intelligence and quick understanding of my organization and what its needs were. 

Bryan is also extremely creative, has a great eye for design, and is full of ideas. All this means he’s been able to grow with my organization and provide assistance at various points in time: when I needed a website; an initial social media strategy; marketing materials; and - my current project - a range of audio-visual content. 

This depth of expertise is great because everything Tricycle produces is integrated and on-brand. The content I put out has a clear vision behind it and all works together to tell the Tricycle story. 

Bryan’s (and his team at Looker Lab) are very skilled at structuring and pacing the work so it feels reasonable to do and doesn’t take over your life - which is very important when you’re running a small business. At the end of each chunk of work we’ve done I’ve felt comfortable taking on the work myself. 

With Looker Lab, I never feel like I’m just another client and there’s a timer running when we speak. They are willing to take on small and large projects and brings equal enthusiasm and skill to both. 

I recommend Looker Lab unreservedly (and I frequently do!) for anyone interested in developing a stronger online presence, improving their content strategy and digital marketing materials, and understanding how to navigate the social media world.
— Shefali Trivedi, Founder of Tricycle

Epicycle Group

Bryan was an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. He was organized and knowledgeable as he guided me through making the choices necessary to create a compelling and beautiful website. Bryan is an excellent listener, and he patiently took the time to understand the nuances of my business to clearly reflect them in the site. I was especially impressed with Bryan’s genuine interest and engagement with my business and what I was trying to achieve. His experience and perspective meant that he asked thoughtful questions that helped clarify my thinking, and he brought both an artistic eye and great technical knowledge, which was an outstanding combination. I greatly appreciated Bryan’s approach, demeanor, and how available he was for questions, and I learned a great deal from him through our work together. I truly cannot recommend Bryan highly enough- not only did he create a fantastic final product, I am thrilled to now have him in my network and as a resource for future projects.
— Sasha McDowell, founder of Epicycle Group

Red Shark Productions

I met Bryan Santiago (of Looker Lab) through a mutual business partner about 4 years ago and we quickly became friends as well as colleagues. Bryan has created and managed my personal website as well as my two company websites. As our social media manager for our new band, Black Rooster, he’s been vital in growing our online audience and generating original content. His attention to creativity and detail is phenomenal and he is always open to suggestions and feedback.

In my opinion, Bryan’s combination of professionalism, talent, and creativity are rare. These in addition to a genuine sweet personality seem hard to come by. He goes above and beyond the call of duty and has truly been the greatest asset to our company.
— Christine Seisler, producer at Red Shark Productions


Bryan and his team were super generous, responsive, professional, and driven to realize the connection between our unique product, vision & value, and our target audience. They were swift to move beyond the noise to meaningful messages connecting with truly interested audiences
— Konstantin Rubchinsky - Founder, CEO DigiPops.TV


Looker Lab was indispensable in expanding awareness about Tim-Scapes and maximizing on-line presence, driving sales to both
my shop and website.
— Tim Convery, owner of Tim-Scapes

Sarah Brassard

DSC_1355 PRINT.jpg
Bryan is a valuable contributor to my team.
I am deeply appreciative of people that are responsive, innovative and allow me to do the work that only I can do. Bryan is that person. He gets me and the mission of my work and comes up with creative ways to communicate that to my audience. This is a true gift. In a short amount of time, he has guided my brand to a new level of clarity and excitement, I am so very happy to have found Bryan and his wonderful team.

— Sarah Brassard LLC Author of Inside, A Guide to The Resources Within

Autumn Bear Acupuncture

Bryan is a master when it comes to navigating this crazy world of social media. He is professional, prepared and makes the journey interesting and manageable. I could not recommend him highly enough. Working with Bryan has been a true gift.
— Autumn Bear

J.Ryan Fuller

Unlike many many vendors I have encountered who overpromise and underperform, Lookerlab has become a company I trust. They demonstrated integrity, reliability, and have delivered what they proposed. They engaged consumers who were eager to learn and share information about science, health, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).
— - Dr. J. Ryan Fuller, Psychologist

Teich Design

Bryan has a firm grasp on what small businesses needs to do to to develop a strong social media presence and keeps the goals clear and concise. He’s great at getting the creative juices flowing and it was easy talk to him and hash out ideas.
— Allison McGowan, owner of Teich Design