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Looker Lab is a boutique digital media and design agency that focuses on your companies growth through compelling storytelling. Through our thoughtful approach to your social media digital strategies to our attention to visual detailing of your creative content we will target your audience and turn visitors into leads. Our diverse team will cut through the noise of the digital space and get your brand noticed.


Digital Marketing is the future of advertising. Traditional print marketing can’t provide the same efficiencies that you get with digital platforms. Now more than ever, you can target your audience and users by geographical locations, age, gender, interests, and even income. Our creative and strategic marketing campaigns garner the results you are looking for in brand awareness, engagements, and conversions to grow your business. Looker Lab will assess and analyze your online presence and devise effective strategies to maximize the following areas:


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Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the Web like deer on a freeway.
— Geoffrey Moore
65% of your audience are visual learners

Most of today’s narratives are told through images and video. Your brand narrative is crucial for engaging and capturing your potential audience's attention. With our production team of cinematographers, photographers, graphic designers, and animators, we can create high quality content that will gain the attention of your desired audience.